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    Race for Titles Postponed!
    The Eurolamp World Rally Team, holding leadership in Estonian and Latvian rally championships, is forced to skip the next round of competition – Lõuna-Eesti ralli 2018.
    As a reminder, during Rally Estonia 2018 held in the middle of July Valery Gorban suf`fered a spinal injury when landing on one of the numerous hills. Nevertheless, he did his best to continue and even finish the race.
    As far as his rehabilitation took some time, it was decided to exclude the round to be held in Southern Estonia from the competition schedule.
    In October, the final rounds of Estonian championship (Saaremaa ralli) and Latvian championship (Rally Liepaja) will come to a focus. These two races will traditionally gather the top-rank participants from a lot of European countries and finalize the national rally championships.

    Whatever the final data sheet of Lõuna-Eesti ralli 2018 is, the Eurolamp World Rally Team will continue to lead both in Estonian and Latvian Rally Championships thanks to an advantage it scored before.