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    Rally Finland 2017. Only one mistake

    During previous days the rally was running not so bad for Eurolamp World Rally Team. The crew worked without mistakes, the car – without issues. So the team met Sunday’s morning on 16th position of general rally classification and in good mood. But very soon the good humor was destroyed.

    At the first special stage of the last rally day the car of Valerii Gorban and Sergey Larens overpass only three kilometers after that some accident happened. During landing after one of jumps theirs MINI slipped out of the road and hit against a big stone, and stuck in a ditch after that.

    “It was quite tricky place… During reссe we didn’t notice that there – in a curve over a jump – the car would be unloaded and would have very low grip with road surface. As a result, we went out of the road, and it was quite bad the accident…” – told Sergey Larens, Eurolamp WRT co-driver.

    Unfortunately, the marshals didn’t allow to get the car out of the ditch right along. Moreover the crew was forced to repair destroyed suspension arm. In sum, it took too much time and didn’t allow us to be in time at the next check-point and continue the rally.

    Next time Eurolamp World Rally Team starts in World Rally Championship in autumn – on Rally Wales.