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    Rally Spain 2017. The plans were changed a little

    Eurolamp World Rally Team will be presented on 11th stage of World Rally Championship. The crew of Valerii Gorban and Sergey Larens will start on Rally Spain which will take place from October 5 until October 8 in Catalunya.

    Initially the last rally in WRC programme of Eurolamp WRT was Rally Wales. But the management of Ukrainian Team decided to change the plan a little and finish the season in Spain.

    “Both Spain and British stages are well known for the crew and our team. We know very well the characters of this rallies, their strenghts and weaknesses. And from sportive point of view this rallies are the same for us. But we decided be in Catalunya and did it because of a few reasons.

    First of all, not to allow our closest WRC Trophy rivals, who has entered on Spain stage, to increase their points balance easily. Secondly, there is other important thing. The team is going to make some “update” for the next season, and it is very important to start all corresponding preparations as soon as possible to be success. If we finish our season in Spain we will buy three weeks…” – told Valery Gorban.

    Considering that Valerii Gorban and Sergey Larens didn’t have any rally during two months after Rally Finland, it was very important to have some additional training in rally car before the event in Spain. In that reason the team took two training sessions. The firs – near Girona city. the second – near Salou.

    From technical point of view the main task of trainings was finding optimal wheel installation angles for Michelin tyres, which the team didn’t use from 2013, and selecting tyre pressure. Particular attention was paid to find suspension settings for specific Spanish roads which are quick, flat, wide and with good quality tarmac. Eventually the engineers found optimal camber angle and tyre pressure for Michelin S5 and H5, and chose suspension settings for optimal car driving in both slow and quick corners.

    During two days Valerii Gorban and Sergey Laren overcame near 130 kilometers. As a result the crew got desired prestart experience for tarmac surface rally. And it is very important bearing in mind that two days of Rally Spain will be with tarmac routes.

    Sportive part of Rally Spain’s programme will begin with the shakedown on Thursday, October 5. During next three days the crews will overcome 312 kilometers of 19 special stages and near 1000 kilometers of road sections.