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    Legendary Sarma

    Ukrainian Eurolamp World Rally Team is preparing to start at Rally Sarma. For three days, the Latvian town of Gulbene will host participants of the second stage of Latvian and Estonian rally championships. For the second year in a row, race organizers provide participants with a chance to compete in two championships at once.

     Ukrainian-Estonian crew of Valery Gorban and Sergei Larens is ready to meet the challenge of their contenders, whose number will be much bigger than in the last race. Eurolamp World Rally Team is among the race favorites.

     It is worth to mention the crews of Oliver Solberg, Nicolas Gryazin and Georg Gross among those, who are going to face the current champions. The two latter have not been registered for the first stage, but are on the start list of Rally Sarma.

     Eurolamp World Rally Team will be the only one crew to start with the Ukrainian flag on the car sides. In total, 85 crews are announced for the start. The race takes place within one day and is divided into 8 special stages.

     Opening ceremony will be held in the downtown on Friday evening, February 8. And the strongest on the snow and ice road topping in eastern Latvia will be revealed on the very next day. Participants have to overcome the total distance of 318 kilometers, including 100 km of special stages.