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    Silver at the very start!

    This season’s rally championships in Latvia and Estonia started simultaneously again. The first race took place in Alūksne located north-eastward of Latvia.

    Crew of Valery Gorban and Sergei Larens have started the season with the champion’s number one on the car sides. The two-day race consisted of ten special stages.

    The first day was short and not eventful, although Eurolamp WRT appeared to be the best on both special stages and finished the day with the first place in overall standings.

    To the contrary, Saturday brought an impressive fight for victory in the main race. Ambitions of the Ukrainian-Estonian crew were proven by the first-place time got during the morning rally course. Gorban and Larens were leading at the race equator, whereas the crew of Norwegian Oliver Solberg and British Aaron Robert Johnston was dangerously close.

    The second part of the final race day was notable by tight confrontation between two international crews. At the last special stage, an unforeseen factor intervened in the fight for seconds – flat tire of Valery Gorban’s Mini JCW WRC casted a long shadow on the race’s intrigue.

    Valery Gorban and Sergei Larens won silver awards and got first credits in the season in a desperate struggle. Oliver Solberg’s crew became the winner.

    The next stage will take place nearby the Latvian Gulbene on February 9.