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    Rally Estonia: Latvian Exam Passed

    Eurolamp WRT’s goal for Rally Estonia 2018 was to fight for the victory in both national events – Estonian and Latvian. A competitive distance of the Latvian rally round held within one day only was smaller than the Estonian one.

    Winners of the Latvian round were supposed to be defined right during the first race day of Rally Estonia.

     As expected, the crew of Valery Gorban and Sergei Larens captured the leadership from the very start.
    Somehow Janis Berkis, coming third in the championship, at once made a poor fist of the race. Right after the first stage, the Latvian dropped out of the competition. Pursuers had also showed themselves very quickly. The Estonians, Karl Kruuda and Egon Kaur, were losing just a little. However, they had to fall out of the second stage of the race
    due to technical reasons.

     After potential rivals dropped out of the race, Eurolamp WRT just had to finish and record one more victory at the Latvian championship stage. However, it turned out to be a difficult task, as during the race the crew got spinal injuries when landing after one of the hills. Therefore, Eurolamp WRT decided to make its way to finish as carefully as possible. As a result, the Ukrainian-Estonian crew drove the nail home and got its next victory, strengthening its leadership in the Latvian Rally Championship even more.

     As for the race as a whole, now it is leaded by the crew of Ott Tanak. Georg Gross and Valery Gorban will continue their competition on the final day of the race. Eurolamp WRT is just 11 seconds behind the Estonian.