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    Surprise Twist

    Saaremaa Ralli 2018 has sprung a surprise already before its official opening ceremony. Ranno Bundsen’s team – one of the contenders for champion title – did not appear on the lists of teams announced for the race. Nobody knows why, but Estonian duo preferred Latvian championship to start in Liepaja one day later.

    As such, the issue of struggling for champion titles in overall standings was taken off the agenda automatically.
    Thus, Valery Gorban and Sergei Larens have started the sixth round of Estonian Championship as the overall champions of Estonian Rally 2018.

    There were only three high-speed sections in the first-day program. After the first section, Eurolamp World Rally Team was right behind Georg Gross, the three-time champion of Estonian rally, whereas two more competitors appeared on the horizon by day’s end.

    Main fight for the victory and winning places is going to flare up during the second day of Saaremaa Ralli 2018 to be held on Saturday, October 13.