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    Paying Visit to Europe

    Final stage of the European Rally Championship takes place in the west of Latvia on October 13-14.This competition will also incorporate the finals of Latvian Rally Championship, which sixth and seventh stages are planned for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. This particular race in Liepaja finalizes the local rally championship.

    Crew of the Eurolamp World Rally Team is going to miss the sixth stage due to … participation in the finals of Estonian Championship, where the title of all-round champion will be at the stake. Nevertheless, Ukrainian-Estonian crew is registered for participation in the seventh stage, ready to start and get involved in the fight for the title of all-round Latvian rally champion.

     Five crews are claiming for the title of champion in Latvian championship apart from Valery Gorban’s one. Their chances of success will become clear after the Saturday race, whereas the final stage will be decisive.

    The seventh stage of Latvian Championship, being the final one and including six high-speed sections, starts on Sunday, October 14. This final stage may bring increased credit points for the crews, which is extremely important. Its winner gets 25 points, against 15 points for any other stage.

    Total distance of the stage is 337 km, including only 94 competitive kilometers.