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    Chilly Liepāja

    The third and fourth rounds of the Latvian Rally Championship – Rally Liepaja 2019 – were held as part of the European Rally Championship in the region of Kurzeme. Every day of the European race became a separate round of the Latvian Championship. The only one weekend offered a good chance for the teams to score twice as many credits.

    After the previous stage failed, the Eurolamp WRT was determined to get as many credits as possible at each stage.

    The third round held in the vicinity of Talsi showed the odds of the championship. Valery Gorban and Sergei Larens were not lucky to intervene struggling for victory. Nevertheless, they won back one lost position in the course of the day and got important credits to be the fifth in the Latvian Championship standings. Georg Gross’s crew became the winners of the stage.

    Participants of the fourth round of the Latvian Championship moved closer to the Baltic coast, met by chillness and rain.

    The Eurolamp WRT was the third at the very start. Unfortunately, later it was pushed by rivals to the fourth place in overall standings. The Ukrainian-Estonian crew successfully smashed all the attacks of the Lithuanian Vaidotas Žala and maintained that position until finish. Oliver Solberg won the fourth round confidently. The young representative of well-known starry surname has strengthened his leadership in the Latvian Rally Championship.

    After such a busy weekend, the Latvian Championship takes a break until mid-July. Still, the Eurolamp WRT is going to keep up struggling at the Estonian Rally Championship to be held in Rakvere in mid-June.